Illuminate 2015 – January 2015


Amsterdam Light Festival – November/December 2014

Boat Route

Walking Route


Newcastle in Motion – July 2014


Awakening Festival – June 2014

Made by


Red Bull Can You Make It  – May 2014

More info click here


Spring at Iscoyd Park – April 2014

Four part film commissioned by Iscoyd Park.


Brilliant Britain – March 2014

A project for the Community Channel. Broadcast on Sky Television in June 2014.


Amsterdam in Motion – January 2014

November – December 2013


Bath Boutique Stays – November 2013

A commission for Bath Boutique Stays.  January 2014.


Invest Bristol and Bath – October 2013

Contributed footage.


Bath in Motion – September 2013

A commission for the Bath Tourist Board.


Newcastle Time-lapse – February 2013

One of my very first time-lapse films. 2013 seems a long time ago now.




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